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The 50 Year Argument
Image | États-Unis | 2014

"The New York Review of Books", a renowned NY literary institution that’s played a substantial role in American cultural and political life, gets the royal treatment in this celebration of a half-century of critical engagement and dissent....

American Passages
Image | Autriche | 2011

"In the wake of Obama’s election, where does America stand on each citizen’s right to the “pursuit of happiness” enshrined in the Constitution? For Ruth Beckermann, the answer is not to be found in a succession of talking heads disserting...

No Direction Home: Bob Dylan
Image | États-Unis, Japon, Royaume-Uni | 2005

There is no simple way to tell Bob Dylan’s story. The painting is too large. Focus on one small aspect, and you miss the big picture. It’s a story of American culture in transition ... of music in the air, of politics and of art, of literature...

The Soul of A Man
Image | Allemagne | 2000

In "The Soul of A Man," director Wim Wenders looks at the dramatic tension in the blues between the sacred and the profane by exploring the music and lives of three of his favorite blues artists: Skip James, Blind Willie Johnson and J. B. Lenoir....