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Ma vie en papier
Montage | Belgique, France | 2022

Vida Dena’s feature documentary debut is an intimate and subtly expansive portrait of a Syrian family living in a house in Brussels that seldom leaves the confines of its four pink walls. "My Paper Life" focuses on the two eldest daughters, Hala...

We Are Coming
Montage | France, Belgique | 2022

Why are women having less pleasure? wonders Nina Faure. Her research into sexuality flings her right into the heart of the surging feminist movement. With Yéléna, their girlfriends, and other groups, the scope of their reflection expands: what...

La Solitude Anjouan
Montage | Belgique | 2020

The Comoros Islands, former French colonies, gained their independence in 1975. The archipelago is composed of 4 islands: Grande Comore, Anjouan, Mohéli and Mayotte, and it is as that entity that they are recognized by the United Nations. After...

Il fait nuit dehors
Montage | Belgique | 2020

Vanya, Sasha and Denis are in their thirties, they grew up together in Kyiv’s northern suburbs. This winter, their murky past dissolves, leaving them without any bearings. They should probably start building their future… or keep on breathing...

Century of Smoke
Montage | Belgique | 2018

Jeune père de famille, Laosan passe ses journées à fumer l’opium. Pour sa communauté, isolée au plus profond de la jungle laotienne, la culture de l’opium est le seul moyen de survie. Mais c’est aussi le poison qui endort les hommes et...

Pas de photo disponible pour le moment Méandres
Montage | Belgique | 2010

In a confined space a dancer works out a routine through trial and error and experimentation, gradually giving it shape and bringing it to life. Playing on formal juxtapositions and the fragmentation of time, the film casts a direct, intimate and...