Catalogue des films de « Julien Lambert »

5 films
Third Act
Image | Belgique | 2019

"Third Act" is a film about aging. Leo is 80 years old and tours the world with the internationally renowned dance-theatre company Peeping Tom. On stage he’s condemned to an elderly home crowded by local extra’s in their "third age". But in...

Totems & Tabous
Image | Belgique | 2019

An impressive palace, the Royal Museum of Central Africa in Brussels. Now renovated, it has been renamed the Africa Museum. A voice coming from Africa echoes throughout its halls... It tells us about the colonial origins of this place. Today, it...

Image, Montage | Belgique | 2019

On the beaches of an Iranian island, amid magnificent landscapes, fishermen continue to practice traditional fishing. "Moshta" opens a window on the lives of these men trying to elude the announced extinction of their craft, in a society...

On allait au bord de la mer
Image | France | 2010

Pendant une semaine, un groupe de seniors part en vacances dans l'estuaire de la Gironde. Ce voyage est une opportunité - parfois unique - de profiter de quelques jours de soleil, de bonne humeur et d'insouciance. Les balades au bord de la mer...

Le Barbier
Image | Belgique, Canada | 2008

Roger is an eighty years old voluntary barber in a center for homeless persons in Montreal. A particular relationship set in between Roger and his clients. They talk about the cold, the street, illness, women... and haircut. And about the...