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Qui voit ses veines...
Son | Belgique | 2011

Last summer I went back to my grandparents’ place to make a film about my desire to understand our family story, the violent death of my grandfather’s brother during the war. While trying to seize the bygone, I immerse myself in the present,...

L'Été de Giacomo
Son | Italie, France | 2011

Giacomo is an eighteen years old deaf boy. In a small village in Northeast Italy, where the plain precedes the sea, Giacomo has just taken his high school diploma and he attends the event which will change his life: an operation that shall enable...

Son | Belgique | 2008

"Jagdfieber" – The hunting fever is a mood. We come back as animals as the beast we are looking for. It’s a pursue, a quest during life’s seasons.