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Fleurs sauvages
Son | France | 2016

It's been about thirty years that anthropologist Pierre-Jacques Dusseau gets objects handcrafted by inmates out of the prisons he works in as a psychologist. Rejected by ethnography musuems, these creations are gathering dust in his attic. I want...

Physiopolis IV
Son | France | 2012

Two filmmakers go and make a documentary film on the strange island of Physiopolis, hidden behind a turn of the Seine river. The inhabitants, who try to keep the place secret, tell them about the forbidden part of the island. The ruins of an Art...

Découverte d'un principe en case 3
Son | France | 2011

Twenty comic books creators are gathered for the Pierre Feuille Ciseaux residence, in which they have to comply to precise narrative and graphic constraints, in order to reveal the diversity and the potentials of the comic langage.

Sans savoir où demain nous mènera 
Son | France | 2010

A documentary road movie in South America. The movie concentrates on the question of "chance". Fifteen characters are dealing with the gap between sureness and chance, handling the antagonism between stability and movement. Also the road that led...

Pas de photo disponible pour le moment Le Crépuscule
Son | France | 2010

Batman and Spider-Man, James Bond and the cowboys, wait patiently for night vampires.

Les dragons n'existent pas
Son | France | 2009

""Les Dragons n’existent pas" is a call to the dead in a stricken land, the Ardennes. The dead are not those of the last war, but the factories that have closed down one after the other: Cellatex, the Thomé-Génot foundries, Sopal Gascogne. All...

Pas de photo disponible pour le moment Passemerveille
Son | France | 2008

The voice-over of an animal documentary finds out that the film actually takes place in Paris.

Pas de photo disponible pour le moment Les No Man's Land de Paris
Son | France | 2008

Il existe à Paris des No Man’s Land. Ces espaces en suspens, véritables verrues urbaines, coexistent à la périphérie du Paris touristique. Laissés à l’abandon, ces espaces sont pourtant les témoins oubliés des mutations industrielles...