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Outtakes from the Life of a Happy Man
Auteur-Réalisateur, Montage | États-Unis | 2012

En 2012, invité par la Serpentine Gallery de Londres à exposer et à réaliser un film, Jonas Mekas veut clore le journal en 16mm qu’il a débuté à la fin des années 1940 avec les prises non retenues, le matériel écarté au montage,...

Correspondance : José Luis Guerin et Jonas Mekas
Auteur-Réalisateur | Espagne, États-Unis | 2011

"Following Abbas Kiarostami and Victor Erice, the Barcelona CCCB repeated the experience with this correspondence between Jonas Mekas and José-Luis Guerin through video missives. Both of them travel, work at home, reflect on their practice and...

Sleepless Nights Stories
Auteur-Réalisateur, Montage | États-Unis | 2010

"Jonas Mekas even films at night. His dreams perhaps? No, his friendships and encounters. He counters his insomnia by reinventing himself as the new Scheherazade and presenting a series of nocturnal portraits with commentary, in which each...

Lithuania and the Collapse of the USSR
Auteur-Réalisateur, Producteur délégué, Distributeur | États-Unis | 2009

Forces of time, memory, change, and the human condition: Mekas recorded newscasts that played daily from 1989 to 1991 on his television set at home, as a chronological overview of Lithuania’s birth as an independent nation.

A Letter from Greenpoint
Auteur-Réalisateur, Image, Son, Montage | États-Unis | 2004

In February 2004, after 30 years of my life in Soho, I made a decision to leave Soho and move to Greenpoint, Brooklyn. This video is about what it feels like to leave a place in which I've spent more time than any other place, and which was also a...

Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Auteur-Réalisateur | États-Unis | 2003

Williamsburg, Brooklyn is a 'diary-film' by avant-garde legend Jonas Mekas, which documents his neighbourhood and its people from 1948 to 1951, and includes some footage from the 1970s. This film contains some of the first footage Mekas shot with...

As I Was Moving Ahead, Occasionally I Saw Brief Glimpses of Beauty
Auteur-Réalisateur | États-Unis | 2000

"As I Was Moving Ahead... is a record of subtle feelings, emotions, daily joys of people as recorded in the voices, faces and small everyday activities of people I have met, or lived with, or observed -- something that I have been recording for...

Pas de photo disponible pour le moment Mozart, Wien & Elvis
Auteur-Réalisateur | États-Unis | 2000

Film annonce réalisé par Jonas Mekas à l’occasion de l’édition 2001 du festival de Vienne. Jonas tourna ses images en 1972, pendant la dernière performance d’Elvis durant sa série de concerts à New York.

Pas de photo disponible pour le moment Song of Avignon
Auteur-Réalisateur | États-Unis | 1998

En 1966, Jonas Mekas est passé par une période difficile. Ce qu'il a écrit dans son journal à cette époque était trop douloureux à lire. Ici, c'est la voix de Angus MacLise qui accompagne les images. "Je vomis des morceaux de mots et de...

Scenes from Allen's Last Three Days on Earth as a Spirit
Auteur-Réalisateur | États-Unis | 1997

This is a video record of the Buddhist Wake ceremony at Allen Ginsberg's apartment. You see Allen, now asleep forever, in his bed; some of his close friends; and the wrapping up and removal of Allen's body from the apartment. You hear Jonas'...

23 films