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L'Âcre Parfum des immortelles
Son | France | 2019

A story of passionate love – born in the hollow of dunes in the Landes, until death put a premature end to it – intertwines with the mad hope raised by May 68. I go back into my own past to seek out the rebel figures that populated my films:...

Pas de photo disponible pour le moment Ici c'est partout, voyez
Son | France | 2010

L’enfant Ernesto annonce à sa mère qu'il ne retournera pas à l’école, parce qu'à l'école, on lui apprend des choses qu'il ne sait pas, dit-il.... Alors que résonne autour de lui l’énigme de cette phrase, Ernesto fait l’expérience...

93 la belle rebelle
Son | France | 2010

The intense musical history of the "nine three" district started in the sixties with rock music made to escape working in the factory; then came jazz in the seventies, as a way of resisting to "yéyé" songs; in the eighties, there was an amazing...

On n'est pas des marques de vélo
Son | France | 2002

Bouda, a 30-year-old hip-hop dancer, has been an illegal immigrant since the age of three, when he arrived in France with his parents. Today, he is the victim of the "double condemnation", a law by which the children of immigrants who have served...