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La Faille
Image | France | 2014

While exploring a peculiar although not life threatening illness, this film brings us in close contact with a sense of vertigo. Doubts and questions invade the mind of an individual suffering from a subtle but powerful ailment. Things go awry, and...

Un dragon dans les eaux pures du Caucase
Image | France | 2005

Hidden away at the bottom of the Borjomi valley, home to Georgia's most beautiful landscapes and a mineral water spring that is well known throughout the region, the little village of Sakiré is witnessing the most feverish days it has ever seen....

Benek Blues
Image | Pologne | 1999

Bernard Dobrowolski is an enthusiastic photographer, unable to move from his bed because of a serious spinal disease. He continues his passions in his very small flat which he shares with his ill father.

Urszula et le prix de la liberté
Image | Pologne | 1998

Urszula Flis’s farm in Szczecinek. The same film crew comes back after twenty three years. A camera records reality.

The Parade Step
Image | Pologne | 1997

The Polish authorities get to hear that they do not like the Polish military parade step at NATO headquarters. This calls for an appointment of a special committee for elaborating a step "with which Poland will march into EU".

89 Millimètres d'écart
Image | Pologne | 1993

Brzesc – a town on the border between Poland and the former Soviet Union. Due to a difference of dimensions of 89 millimeters of the railway tracks in the Soviet Union and the rest of Europe, Bialorussian workers have to change a few thousands...

Sept Juifs de ma classe
Image | Pologne | 1991

Marcel Lozinski involved people who were forced to leave Poland in 1968 in this documentary. After years of separation they meet again in their all former homeland. They recall the feelings and describe the experiences they faced with after the...

Pro Toto
Image | Pologne | 1988

You can treat this movie as a joke on environmental issues, or you can look beyond that for other meanings. It shows a part to speak about the whole; In line with the ancient Roman “Pars pro toto” principle.

Give It To Me
Image | Pologne | 1988

During drama therapie a woman extends her arms toward the therapist: "Give it to me!". He surprises her by reversing the roles: "You give it to me!". The participants of the training led by psychotherapist and Zen practitioner Wojciech...

Pas de photo disponible pour le moment Witnesses
Image | Pologne | 1987

On July 4th, 1946, the crowd in Kielce, Poland, slaughtered forty-two Jews and wounded many others. Forty years later, in 1987, Marcel Lozinski visited those places and met some witnesses of the carnage.

20 films