Catalogue des films de « Jacek Knopp »

3 films
In The Likeness of Jacek
Image | Pologne | 2000

Jacek Kuron talks in the film about his socialist father who instilled in him the commandment: always take the side of the underdog. He talks about the post-war years, how he got into community work and became a young apparatchik, and how he...

The Journal Written Under a Volcano
Image | Pologne | 1995

"The diary written under the volcano" is a documentary portrait of the writer Gustaw Herling-Grudzi?ski. He presents the history of his life and looks on contemporary problems and literature. The narrative is based on its extensive statements and...

And You Will Say - I Am
Image | Pologne | 1994

Julian Stryjkowski, writer and philosopher, talks about his life: the years of youth, the trauma associated with the First World War, life in independent Poland and political elections. The material uses fragments of works by Julian...