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Efremov, lettre d'une Russie oubliée
Auteur | France | 2004

Far from the gold of Moscow or St. Petersburg is another Russia, lost and forgotten, like the little town of Efremov, detached from reality, and whose name, mysteriously, can hardly be found in any geographical atlas. There, Iossif Pasternak met,...

Pas de photo disponible pour le moment Chant public devant deux chaises électriques
Auteur-Réalisateur | France | 2004

À Los Angeles, en septembre 2001, 40 personnes, venues d'horizons les plus divers, (communautés noires, chinoises, mexicaines, comédiens, SDF...) ont répété pendant trois mois un texte d'Armand Gatti "Chant public devant deux chaises...

Le Génie du mal
Auteur | France | 2003

In 1987, Alexandre L. Lokchine died. In March 2002, an official document delivered by the Security Services exonerates him completely. The film is built around both A. Lokchine and his son's story who fought for his recognition, searching the...

goulag1 Goulag
Auteur-Réalisateur | France | 2000

The first camp which was destined first of all to group (or concentrate) enemies from the civil war was installed in the spring of 1920 in a monastery - centre of orthodoxy - the monastery of the Solovskis, an archipelago of islands which have...

Mikhaïl A. Boulgakov
Auteur | France | 1997

Among human and literary destinies, one of the most singular and may be most bearer of enigmas and questions, novelist and playwright.

Nestor Makhno, paysan d'Ukraine
Auteur-Réalisateur | France | 1996

Revolutionary farmer, organiser of the proletarian emancipation, the Russian anarchist Nestor Makhno is at the origin of the Ukrainian libertarian revolution, puted down into blood. Hélène Châtelain has unearth the texts, photographies and...

Pas de photo disponible pour le moment La Cité des savants
Auteur | France | 1994

In 1957 Akademgorodok was built as a new town for Soviet scientists and soon became a brilliant cultural centre. Today, faced with profound economic recession and the breakup of their country, its scientific inhabitants talk about the research...

Pas de photo disponible pour le moment La Tribu européenne
Montage | France | 1993

The European Parliament, major institution of European construction, remains an unfamiliar and even mysterious body. Throughout this film, the authors explore the displacement of the sources of power and the changes in political issues in the...

Pas de photo disponible pour le moment Le Fantôme Efremov
Auteur | France | 1992

English summary not available.

Pas de photo disponible pour le moment Qui suis-je ? Marseille 1990
Auteur-Réalisateur | France | 1991

Thirteen autobiographical stories told facing the camera presented in this way at the beginning of the film: “Written and recorded by the excluded themselves to be projected at the beginning of the play "Le Cinécadre de l’esplanade Loreto"...

20 films