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The Znamya Project
Son, Musique originale | France | 2021

In February 1993 a group of Russian engineers managed to launch a giant mirror into space capable of illuminating the earth at night. Against all odds, the experiment works. Between scientific prophecy and philosophic tale, The Znamya Project...

Après le volcan
Son | France | 2017

The earthquakes, ashes fall from the sky, and there’s this fire that fire-fighters don’t get to extinguish. The villagers decide to take refuge in the forest. Surrounded by wild beasts, a new life begins.

Le Soliloque des muets
Son | France | 2017

In Indonesia, the former political prisoners of Suharto’s regime have been silenced for 50 years despite democracy. Through a symbolic people's tribunal organized in The Hague, as well as a trip to the archipelago to meet them, the victims of...

À l'infini
Son | France | 2017

At the Maud Mannoni Specialist Care Home in the Dordogne, a team of carers looks after people who have incurable mental illnesses. In this closed universe, separated from the outside world, the same gestures, the same words, the same stories are...

Le Douanier Rousseau
Son | France | 2016

Henri Rousseau, referred to as "le Douanier", started to paint in Paris around 1880, at the age of 40. This self-taught artist was friendly with the poet Apollinaire, Robert Delaunay and Pablo Picasso, who recognised his genius, and yet his work...

Le Ciel en bataille
Son, Musique originale | France, Suisse | 2011

A hospital room, a drip... At his sick father's bedside, in a final, silent showdown, Rachid B. recalls his strongest memories, those which, in the course of his life constructed him or drove him to the worst. From his childhood in Morocco to...