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Write Down, I am an Arab
Montage | Israël | 2014

This film is about "firsts". After directing seven documentaries about Palestinian women, this is my first film with a male as the subject. Further, this work is the first film about Mahmoud Darwish directed by a Palestinian-Israeli (which Darwish...

Gypsy Davy
Montage | Israël, Espagne, États-Unis | 2011

David Serva is a well-known Flamenco guitarist – and a Don Juan, as witness five children with five different women. Rachel Leah Jones sets out to follow the trail of her taciturn father, visiting him and his ex-wives. With its gently ironic...

77 Steps
Montage | Israël | 2010

The director arrives in Tel-Aviv and finds an apartment, despite her Arab origins. She fells in love with Jonathan, a Jewish-Canadian man. On New Year’s Eve 2009 Israel invades Gaza. She resigns from her party (Meretz) because of its support of...

Pas de photo disponible pour le moment Three Times Divorced
Montage | Israël | 2007

Khitam, a Gaza Band born Palestinian woman, was married off in an arranged match to an Israeli Arab, followed him to Israel and bore him six children. When her husband divorced her – in absentia – in the Sharia (Muslim) court he gained custody...