Catalogue des films de « David Grinberg »

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Ara Güler, il était une fois Istanbul
Image | France, Turquie | 2017

He is nicknamed "Istanbul's eye". Ara Güler is today 87 years old. The photographs that he has taken of his city have gone around the world for the last 50 years, and they make for an unrivalled visual memory. Ara Güler has also taken...

Quand Sisyphe se révolte
Image | France | 2013

"Quand Sisyphe se révolte" est une investigation documentaire, tournée en Algérie, en France et en Grèce. Elle va du mythe grec de Sisyphe revu par Albert Camus et ses résonances actuelles à l'appel de Camus pour une juste révolte, qui...

Pas de photo disponible pour le moment Marcel Hanoun - Istanti
Image | France | 2010

On the set of film maker Marcel Hanoun: a glimpse through his work, in-between the material temporality of the collective and the technique, and the imponderable temporality of meditations and bursts of brilliance.

Image | France | 2010

"A cello player is asked by her daughter why she suddenly interrupted her musical career..." The voices and images of the two women intertwined with the author's give way to thought, vision, "Confessions" of life dedicated to creating.