Catalogue des films de « Charlène Gravel »

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Nager au-delà des frontières
Auteur-Réalisateur | France | 2012

Amputé des deux bras et des deux jambes à la suite d’un dramatique accident en 1994, Philippe Croizon a réussi l’exploit de traverser la Manche à la nage en septembre 2010. Nageur longue distance expérimenté, Arnaud Chassery a quant à...

2010, une année sur Terre
Montage | France | 2011

In 2010, Planet Earth surprised us once again, with 12 spectacular months of chaos, wonder and discovery, Water, earth, wind and fire: these four elements both create and destroy and, in doing so, produced some rare and fascinating events for...

Les Petits Explorateurs à travers l'Afrique
Auteur 2 | France | 2009

Discovering Africa aged ten, leaving your home for the unknown. This will be the adventure of Lea, Jeanne, Louis, Paul-Henry and Hugo, five budding explorers, as they will share the everyday life of an African child for two weeks. Through their...

Back To Christopolis
Montage | Suisse, Libéria | 2008

In Liberia, three former child soldiers invite us into their lives and show us how challenging it is for them to reintegrate the post civil war society. As they struggle to fight a discrimination, which is rarely talked about, they stand as an...

21 000 Innocents
Montage | Suisse | 2008

In Liberia, three former child soldiers invite us into their lives, where we experience firsthand the challenges of their reintegration into post civil war society. A former rebel turned soldier in the army of President Taylor, Sam graduated from...