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À ciel ouvert
Auteur | France | 2013

Alysson apprehends her body with difficulty. Amina no longer finds her words. These are children who are psychically or socially maladjusted and who need special monitoring. At the Courtil centre, adults work and live with them in an original way....

La Vierge, les Coptes et Moi
Auteur | France | 2012

Namir is a French filmmaker of Egyptian origin. One day he watches a videotape of the Virgin Mary’s apparition in Egypt with his mother who, like millions of other Copts, sees the Virgin on the screen while he sees nothing. Skeptical, Namir...

Barbe bleue
Auteur | France | 2008

"The frame never moves away from the square. It sticks to it obstinately like armies who resist or are wiped out. But what is it guarding? A door. Not just any door. It is the door of No80 Morande Street, the side door of the Presidential Palace...