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The Family Album
Auteur-Réalisateur | Pologne | 2013

English summary Andrzej Titkow and his sister Olga Titkow-Stoklosa retrace the footsteps of their mother's family from Lublin: their great-grandfather Marek Arnsztajn, a famous physician-social worker, whose funeral in Lublin attended by 10,000...

In The Likeness of Jacek
Auteur-Réalisateur | Pologne | 2000

English summary Jacek Kuron talks in the film about his socialist father who instilled in him the commandment: always take the side of the underdog. He talks about the post-war years, how he got into community work and became a young apparatchik,...

The Journal Written Under a Volcano
Auteur-Réalisateur | Pologne | 1995

English summary "The diary written under the volcano" is a documentary portrait of the writer Gustaw Herling-Grudzi?ski. He presents the history of his life and looks on contemporary problems and literature. The narrative is based on its extensive...

And You Will Say - I Am
Auteur-Réalisateur | Pologne | 1994

English summary Julian Stryjkowski, writer and philosopher, talks about his life: the years of youth, the trauma associated with the First World War, life in independent Poland and political elections. The material uses fragments of works by...

Pro Toto
Auteur-Réalisateur, Montage | Pologne | 1988

English summary You can treat this movie as a joke on environmental issues, or you can look beyond that for other meanings. It shows a part to speak about the whole; In line with the ancient Roman “Pars pro toto” principle.

Give It To Me
Auteur-Réalisateur | Pologne | 1988

English summary During drama therapie a woman extends her arms toward the therapist: "Give it to me!". He surprises her by reversing the roles: "You give it to me!". The participants of the training led by psychotherapist and Zen practitioner...

The Beautyful Twenty-Year-Old
Auteur-Réalisateur | Pologne | 1986

English summary A Film about Marek Hlaska (1934-1969) – the greatest loss in Polish literature since 1956. Hlasko’s tragedy was his forced emigration – communist authorities refused him back into the country follawing his scholarship in the...

Such A Place
Auteur-Réalisateur | Pologne | 1985

English summary Wordless poetic impressions about Krakow's former Jewish district, Kazimierz, to the music by Zygmunt Konieczny. A glance at its past and present. A story about the ephemeral nature of people and stones.

A Passerby
Auteur-Réalisateur | Pologne | 1984

English summary Titkow asks Tadeusz Konwicki: "Do you believe in Man?" The author of the "Ascension" and the "Little Apocalypse" retorts: "Could you ask me more European questions?" There is a rapid stream of flashing images from twentieth-century...

From Memory
Auteur-Réalisateur | Pologne | 1983

English summary The first film in a trilogy devoted to postwar writers – the idols of his generation, followed by “Passerby” and “The Beautiful Twenty-Year-Old”. Andrzej Bursa (1932-1957), who died at the age of 25, belonged to a circle...

12 films