Vocational Master's 2 Creation documentary


Under the label of a Master’s 2, this program offers a unique curriculum: after two months of film-theory classes at the University of Grenoble Alpes, the students spend 8 months (Directing) in Lussas, experimenting the filmmaking process and what is at stake in it.

For the past 10 years, this program has annually brought together 12 students coming from various backgrounds. Documentary cinema is based on the interest in others: the learning process in Lussas builds up on collective experience, both from a human and from an artistic point of view. This method enables every participant to develop his/her uniqueness and to assert him/herself thanks to the importance given to otherness.

The production curriculum of the Master’s program, initiated in 2008, is meant to train a new generation of producers who will possess all artistic and economic skills required for the job, and who will also be critical and demanding, as well as truly committed to the film projects they produce. The training program is mainly dedicated to coaching both the projects and their authors. Alternative means of production are also explored, in particular those related to the new media and new ways of distribution for documentary films.



In Grenoble, two months are dedicated to film-theory classes about documentary cinema: history, genre, ethnology, work environment. Then the students spend 8 months in Lussas, intensely practicing filmmaking. Through numerous exercises, always followed by critical film viewings, they learn how to use technical tools (shooting, editing). Then they make several films: a collective one with the group, and two personal films. All aspects of this experience, as well as the group workshops and an intense coaching, enable students during eight months, to develop the script of their film project to be shot after the end of the training.

12 students



After the common part of the course with the director-students in Grenoble, the production students participate in Lussas in different workshops coached by producers who have been deeply committed to scriptwriters-directors in the production process. Then they have two on-the-job training periods, supervised by tutors: one period in an organization with activities that are complementary to and inseparable from production (distribution, publishing, websites), the other period in a production organization, in which they can develop the project they have been selected for.

6 students


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Training and project follow-up


Several weeks after the end of the training course, a few scripts developed during the Master’s 2 (Directing) curriculum, can apply to be supported by film devices created by Ardèche Images, that aim at having some of the former students’ film projects duly produced (Meetings with producers, Encounters with broadcasters and public partners, etc).