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What Happened, Miss Simone ?
Liz Garbus | États-Unis | 2015 | 102 mn

When I Grow Up I Want to Be a Black Man
Jyoti Mistry | 2017 | 10 mn

When Paul Came Over the Sea
Jakob Preuss | Allemagne | 2017 | 97 mn

When The Sea Sends Forth A Forest
Guangli Liu | France | 2020 | 21 mn

Through a 3D virtual universe simulated by a game engine intertwined with historical pictures, a lost moment of history can be experienced. The story revolves around the memory of a Chinese survivor of Khmer Rouge. This tragedy, which took the...

When We Talk About KGB
Maxì Dejoie, Virginija Vareikyté | Italie, Lituanie | 2015 | 73 mn

When We Were Kings
Leon Gast, Taylor Hackford | États-Unis | 1997 | 88 mn

À Kinshasa, capitale du Zaïre, eut lieu en 1974, un événement sportif majeur retransmis dans le monde entier : la rencontre entre Mohammed Ali et George Foreman, deux poids lourds de la boxe... Ali est alors un homme au charisme remarquable,...

Which Way Home
Rebecca Cammisa | États-Unis, Mexique | 2009 | 90 mn

The Whistleblower of My Lai
Connie Field | États-Unis | 2018 | 65 mn

White Men
Alessandro Baltera, Matteo Tortone | Italie | 2011 | 65 mn

Pas de photo disponible pour le moment White Sail on the Pripyat
Uladzimir Kolas | Pologne | 2009 | 54 mn

English summary Jauhien Szatochin is well-known all over Belarus as the owner of an unusual yacht, which he made by converting an old military rescue boat way back in the times of the Soviet Union. Each summer, he sets off on a voyage, which he...

1628 films