Shady Zones
Mika Gianotti
2011 - 87 min - HDCam - Couleur - France

"I thought this place was not for us", confesses a juror when the hearing broke at the Assizes." You have the right to lie", says the presiding Judge, in ermine, looking the accused straight in the eye. Then at home,"I try to judge as I would be judged, at least, I try".
Shady zones will subsist, it’s a film about us.

Author-Director : Mika Gianotti
Photography : Dilip K. Varma, Philippe Moreau
Sound : Olivier de Nesle, Fabien Luth
Editing : Elisabeth Moulinier
Original Music : Christophe Defays
Delegate Producer : Les Films d'un jour
Co-producer : Act Média diffusion


Distributor : Les Films d'un jour
Not commercial Distribution : ADAV
DVD Editing : L' Harmattan TV
VOD : L' Harmattan TV
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