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Yann et le Dauphin
Daniel Serre, Bernard Collet, Xavier Roy
1994 - 26 min - Vidéo - Couleur - France

What dolphins do is endlessly fascinating to children, but children can sometimes fascinate dolphins, as well. Jojo is a friendly dolphin living wild in the waters off Turks and Caïcos Islands. When Yann, who is 13, meets Jojo underwater, they play together and become friends.
Dean Bernal, an American who knows Jojo's tricks and who has protected him for many years, guides Yann to Jojo's favorite tricks on water skiiers, and sneaks in to kiss a few of his best friends. Jojo's unusual, indeed unique behavior with human beings has made him so famous around the world that he's been named a national treasure by the Turks and Caïcos government, who also decided that this would be the last film to be made about Jojo in order to give him a little much-merited peace and tranquility.

Author-Director : Daniel Serre, Bernard Collet, Xavier Roy
Delegate Producer : Strawberry films


Distributor : Strawberry films