When We Talk About KGB
Maxì Dejoie, Virginija Vareikyté
2015 - 73 min - HD - Couleur et Noir & blanc - Italie, Lituanie

English summary
A young freedom fighter and a KGB officer both grew up in the Soviet era, and yet made life-changing decisions. Today they are contemplating their past.
A dissident’s wife, after many years waiting for her husband to return from a psychiatric prison, tries to fill the abyss of his memory by helping him to tell their story.
A writer in the underground press, after being sentenced to seven years of Siberian exile, decides to meet his former interrogator for a cup of coffee.
A collector of antiques was arrested in a hotel in Vilnius and kept in isolation for nine months. Thirty years later, he comes back to the same hotel to look for answers. "When We Talk About KGB" consists of heart-breaking stories, shadowed by grief of Soviet crimes and euphoria over the victory of Lithuanian freedom.

Auteur-Réalisateur : Maxì Dejoie, Virginija Vareikyté
Image : Federico Torres
Son : Enrico Ascoli
Montage : Maxì Dejoie
Montage : Virginija Vareikyté
Musique originale : Enrico Ascoli
Producteur délégué : Just a moment
Coproducteur : Indastria Film
Participation : Torino Piemonte Film Commission


Distributeur : Just a moment


2016 - DocPoint - Helsinki Documentary Film Festival, Helsinki (Finlande) : Sélection
2016 - Trieste Film Festival, Trieste (Italie) : Sélection