What to Do with What Remains
( O Que Fazer Daqui Para Trás )

Carla Montez Fernandes
2017 - 59 min - Video Full HD - Couleur et Noir & Blanc - Portugal

English summary
The documentary, directed by Carla Fernandes and Stephan Jurgens, with the artistic direction of Francisco Henriques, closely follows the creative process of the piece "O Que Fazer Daqui Para Trás ", co-created by the Portuguese choreographer João Fiadeiro and five dancers/performers.
The documentary uses video material gathered during 4 months of footage since the first conversations in the studio of Re.Al to the debut of this dance improvisation play in the theatre Maria Matos, Lisbon.
This choreography could be considered as a dramaturgical version of a contemporary novel: Five dancers run around the outskirts of the theatre where the piece is staged for almost ten minutes before they enter stage. The audience is waiting for the piece to start not knowing that the performers are running outside until they get totally exhausted. One by one they enter stage, stop in front of a microphone stand and convey their experience verbally and non-verbally while gasping for breath...


Distributeur : Carla Montez Fernandes
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