Water and Salt
( Água e Sal )

Luisa Mello
2019 - 10 min - Vidéo Full HD - Couleur - Belgique, Hongrie, Portugal

English summary
During the 2018 Brazilian presidential elections, a woman floats in waters far from home. When everything seems calm, a wave hits and carries her to the depths of her being. Water and Salt is a journey trough the consciousness of someone whose country is under threat from a fascist government.

Auteur-Réalisateur : Luisa Mello
Image : Hanna Hovitie
Son : Domenico Centrone
Montage : Luisa Mello
Producteur délégué : Docnomads
Coproducteur : LUCA School of Arts
Coproducteur : Universidade Lusofona
Coproducteur : SZFE (University of theatre and film arts Budapest)


Distributeur : Luisa Mello