Uomini soli (Hommes seuls)
Florestano Vancini
1959 - 16 min - 35 mm - Couleur - Italie

Florestano Vancini was an ignored master of Italian film. A secret and rare creator, he long cultivated a taste for documentary film before moving to fiction. In this last short film, he confronts the sad reality of a public dormitory in Ferrara where people without family or employment spend the night before wandering aimlessly through endless days. Thus emerges the existential solitude of Man, more than his material poverty.

Author-Director : Florestano Vancini
Author : Stelio Martini
Photography : Aldo Nascimben
Editing : Florestano Vancini
Original Music : Daniele Paris
Delegate Producer : E. Ferrari


Distributor : Cineteca Nazionale di Roma