Une saison sans Guy
A Season Without Guy
Noémi Aubry
2017 - 12 min - Film 16 mm & vidéo Full HD - Couleur - France

Meuse, village of Villers-aux-vents.
Three days before they left their village and the family home following the death of Guy, the members of his family, greet the territories where they grew up.
Caught between the stupor of death, the indecency of the world that continues to turn and the departure of the house, they are facing this coming season. The frozen gestures and the bodies in packs tend to hold hands. (...) We stopped, nowhere.
And the rest to continue to live, to say, to blow. What's more alive? The noise, the music of others, the music of what we do not control. The noise. Despite death, despite the indecency that everything continues. (...)

Author-Director : Noémi Aubry
Photography : Frédérique Menant
Sound : Phuong Lan Nguyen
Editing : Noémi Aubry
Delegate Producer : Ozho naayé


Distributor : Ozho naayé
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