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Une arme à portée de main Série-Collection : Justice à Vegas

Rémy Burkel
2007 - 52 min - DV Cam - Couleur - France, États-Unis

Zeus Vega is a former marine in his early 30s who succeeded in real estate in Las Vegas. One night, coming out of nightclub, he felt threatened by three Asian men in a van. He watched them, realizing that the van had made a U-turn back in his direction. He jumped into his car to get the gun hidden in his glove compartment, and just as the van pulled up alongside, he opened fire, killing the driver. Vega was defended by two top Vegas lawyers because with his fortune he could afford them.
Within Reach is part of the four-episode documentary series, Sin City Law, of which one episode is in competition (Butchered Innocence) and the two others in the Fipatel (Skin Tone and Bourbon Strip).

Author-Director : Rémy Burkel
Author : Jean-Xavier de Lestrade
Author : Denis Poncet
Photography : Alberto Marquardt, Éric Turpin, Isabelle Razavet
Sound : Baptiste Charvet, Yves Grasso
Editing : Sophie Brunet, Scott Stevenson, Maureen Mazurek
Original Music : Hélène Blazy
Delegate Producer : Maha Productions
Broadcasting Co-producer : ARTE France
Broadcasting Co-producer : Sundance Channel


Distributor : Doc & Film International