Un nouveau père
Eugenie Grandval
2018 - 31 min - Video Full HD - Couleur - France

Paul is the father of the four-year-old twins, Jeanne and Alban. He's bringing them up alone because he conceived them with the help of a surrogate and an egg donor in the US where he used to live.
Soon after their birth, Paul moved the family back to France where he's from in order to get a stronger support from both his family and the state. However, he soon realized that in France, a country where surrogacy is still illegal, his model of family was a rarity and thus considered strange. In everyday life, who's playing the mother's role? For the kids, who stands for their real "mom"?
The film is attempting to examine the questions raised by surrogacy when a single father is involved.

Author-Director : Eugenie Grandval
Photography : Eugenie Grandval
Sound : Maya Boquet, Caroline Laurent Simon
Editing : Dominique Paris
Delegate Producer : Ateliers Varan


Distributor : Eugenie Grandval
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