A Moment of No Return
Raymond Macherel
2022 - 106 min - Vidéo Full HD - Couleur - France

In the fall of 2018, in France, the sky is charged with an explosive light. On the outskirts of Rennes, Gaëtan, Sandrine, Patrick and the others have just moved into an abandoned warehouse which they call: "Citizen's House - Yellow Vests". They are determined, against all odds, to bend this power that watches them from above.
Across the country, the elements are unleashed. Like so many others, this group of Yellow Vests refuses to be overwhelmed. We have to hold together, we have set in motion, we are moving forward. But the horizon is still far away.

Author-Director : Raymond Macherel
Photography : Raymond Macherel
Sound : Jules Pottier
Editing : Francine Lemaître
Delegate Producer : Raymond Macherel
Co-producer : Doc Pop Films
Crowdfunding : Kisskissbankbank


Distributor : Doc Pop Films