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The Warning of the Living Buddha
( Tashi Zangpro )

Jianguo Duan, Chihyun Park, Jian Zhang
2016 - 58 min - HD - Corée du Sud, États-Unis

English summary
The story is about Zhaxisange,Tibetan monk in Nianbaoyuze, China who loves birds, lake and mountain. He believes that "environment protection is his spiritual practice". Since he became a monk at his 13 years-old, he has drawn and studied on birds and mountains. He published his thesis on Nianbaoyuze birds and drew most of 1,300 species, which exists in China. In the last 10 years, the beauty of mountain and lake was covered with all kinds of garbage and plastics, which were left by a lot of tourists. He found Nianbaoyuze Environmental Protection Association and has been devoted to start environmental activities. Tibetan monks start to teach to villagers and visitors that the earth doesn't just belong to us and we are passengers of the earth just like hotel customers.
Traditionally the giant size and beauty of the mountain has been respected by villagers. It has been regarded as nature god who protect them and give them enjoyable beauty. They are proud that the mountain Nianbaoyuze, is the root of two main Chinese rivers the Yellow River and Yangtse River since it is the intersection of both rivers. Tibetan monk Zhaxisange practices to keep spiritual value as a friend of nature rather than conquering the nature.

Auteur-Réalisateur : Jianguo Duan, Chihyun Park, Jian Zhang
Producteur délégué : Ulsan Munhwa Broadcasting Corp.
Coproducteur : Kim Kyungmi
Diffuseur coprod. : Ulsan MBC
Diffuseur coprod. : Liaoning Radio and Television


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