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The Search Série-Collection : The Jørgen Leth collection (Experimental films)

Jørgen Leth, Ann Bierlich, Ursula Reuter Christiansen, John Davidsen, Peter Engberg, Ole John, Vagn Lundbye, Niels Schwalbe, Peter Thorsboe
1971 - 36 min - Couleur - Danemark

English Summary
Members ofthe ABCinema collective travel to Randbol Heath in Jutland to shoot a film that comes to consist of a series of tableaux: Woman kneeling in a hollow ndresses. Man on seashore throws Molotov cocktail. Man in cornfield "plays" a violin. Young man on the heath falls -over and over...
Inserted between these more than 20 scenarios are hand-written titles that not so much comment on the scenes as function on a par with them. The filmmakers play around with artisitc references and religious symbols in a landscape that serves as the film's common setting. The complex soundtrack both interacts with the images and acts as an independent element that goes far beyond anything we see.


Distributeur : ABCinema
Édition DVD : Danish Film Institute
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