Stealing Rodin
( Robar à Rodin )

Cristobal Valenzuela
2017 - 80 min - Couleur - Chili, France

English summary
A cold morning in June 2005, the guards of the Chilean National Museum of Fine Arts discovered that the sculpture of Rodin, had been subtracted from the main exhibition.
Surprisingly, the piece or art was returned the next day by a young man who claimed that he found it stranded near the museum. After several interrogations, Luis Onfray (21), the young man who was studying art, surprised again the authorities acknowledging that it was him, the one who had subtracted the sculpture. He was accused of irretrievably damaging the image of the country in an action that was described as a teenage blunder.
The turning of the case continued when his defence attorney indicated that the robbery was not a crime but a performance of art by which Onfray was trying to prove that “the work of art would be more present by not being there”.
This was the inflection point for a case that confronted lawyers, artists, theorists and institutions about the state of contemporary art.

Auteur-Réalisateur : Cristobal Valenzuela
Image : David Bravo
Son : José Manuel Gatica
Montage : Juan Edouardo Murillo
Musique originale : Jorge Cabargas
Producteur délégué : Ceresa Films
Coproducteur : Maria Una Vez
Participation : CORFO


Distributeur : Journeyman Pictures Ltd.