Solo what
Laurent Mothe
2021 - 20 min - Video Full HD - Couleur et Noir & Blanc - France

Looking back, Lolo clearly remembers that day in September 1991 when his father called and coldly told him, "Miles Davis is dead" before hanging up. Lolo’s thoughts flew to his friend Stein Åge, the chauffeur with the black Volvo in which he drove the trumpeter whenever he came to play at the Molde Jazz Festival. Miles would not have any other chauffeur. The car had ended up in Lolo’s scrapyard.
All that remains are the memories of a trip to Montreux with Stein Åge in that black Volvo. At the hotel, he shook Miles’s hand. Backstage at the festival, he listened in awe to him playing a blues number for twenty minutes and went home to Norway with a greeting for his wife and a hot sound in his head. A handshake, a black Volvo, a cuckoo-clock from Montreux and a twenty-minutes blues number… Not a lot in the way of memories, but that’s all it takes to open the door to other worlds, "previously unknown worlds".
As he’s fishing, Lolo sometimes contemplates the primal workshop, the Big Bang … Come to think of it, what key was it in? Lolo is fond of saying to himself, "Creation and disappearance in flat major!"

Author-Director : Laurent Mothe
Photography : Laurent Fénart, Pierre Linguanotto, Marie-Elise Beyne
Sound : Emmanuel Soland
Editing : Céline Ducreux
Original Music : Kent Carter
Delegate Producer : Les Films d'Augustine
Cast : Laurent Mothe


Distributor : Les Films d'Augustine