Samuel in the Clouds
Pieter Van Eecke
2016 - 70 min - Video Full HD - Couleur - Belgique, Pays-Bas

There are evidences of global warming everywhere in the world. Chacaltaya, Bolivia is also one of the places with the evidences. It used to have the highest ski resort in the world, but it is a bare mountain as snow has melted since 2000.
Samuel Mendoza is the first witness. He was a lift manager at the resort, but now he has to greet climbers not skiers. While talking about the past of Chacaltaya, which used to be covered with snow, he expects that it will snow someday again.
This documentary chases Samuel and warns us through a man who lost all of his life due to the change in nature. It tells us that the earth gradually becomes an uninhabitable place and it is not only Samuel but all of us who are in danger. Will it snow there again? "Samuel in the Clouds" shows that the problem is not so simple that we can solve it just with ardent wishes.

Author-Director : Pieter Van Eecke
Photography : Johan Legraie
Sound : Félix Blume
Editing : Octavio Iturbe, Danniel Danniel
Delegate Producer : Clin d'œil films
Co-producer : Baldr Film
Co-producer : A Private View
Broadcasting Co-producer : VRT - CANVAS
Broadcasting Co-producer : Ikon-TV (Pays-Bas)
Broadcasting Co-producer : RTBF Bruxelles, ARTE Belgique


Distributor : Clin d'œil films


2016 - Chicago International Film Festival, Chicago (États-Unis) : Gold Hugo
2016 - Kendal Montain Festival, Kendal (Royaume-Uni) : Best Environment Film
2016 - FIFMA - Festival International du Film de Montagne d'Autrans, Autrans (France) : Grand Prix
2016 - Bilbao MENDI Film Festival , Bilbao (Espagne) : Mejor Fotografía
2016 - VIMFF (Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival), Vancouver (Canada) : Best Environmental Film
2016 - UMFF (Ulju Mountain Film Festival), Ulsan (Corée du Sud) : Nature and People prize