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Rue du Conservatoire
Jean-Luc Léon, Sylvie Faguer
1999 - 75 min - Couleur - France

In the 9th arrondissement in Paris, between rue du Faubourg Poissonnière and the main boulevards, in the heart of frantic agitation, the discreet rue du Conservatoire is to be found. The street takes its name from the prestigious establishment that has taken up residence there.
For a year, the directors of the film observed life at the Conservatoire : the auditions for the very difficult entrance competition, expression workshops (interpretation, singing, music, dancing...), the cinema class, lessons in anatomy, but also learning to be on stage, the irritation of the teachers when faced with absenteeism, teaching meetings...
To what point and how can the transmission of dramatic art be carried out ? With delicacy, the documentary throws light on the relations between those who have knowledge about dramatic art and those who want to perform tomorrow...


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