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Qu'est-ce que les nuages ?
( Che cosa sono le nuvole ? )
Série-Collection : Capricio all' italiana

Pier Paolo Pasolini
1967 - 49 min - France

In a theater, playing to an audience from the people, a comic version of Shakespeare’s tragedy “Othello” is being staged with real actors playing the part of marionettes. Envious Iago, Othello’s second-in-command, lies to his master. He tells him that his beloved Desdemona has betrayed him with Cassius, a soldier he trusts. Othello can not accept the idea and yearns for vengeance. The audience can not accept the end to the story, storms onto the stage and reverts the plot.

Author-Director : Pier Paolo Pasolini


Distributor : Fondo Pier Paolo Pasolini