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Omar : acceptez-vous mon "handicap" ?
Patrice Barrat, Rita Lahlou
2009 - 53 min - DV Cam - Couleur - France

Omar Koussih is 19 years old and suffers from spinal amyotrophy. He weighs 16 kilos. He lives in Rabat with his family. He spends much of his time writing poems. In the spring of 2007, Omar wrote to madmundo to ask for help in promoting the Rights of Handicapped People. Thus started the story of the film “Omar:Do You Accept My “Handicap?” What education for handicapped people? What work for them? What access to things of everyday life? How does society view them? And most importantly, how do they view society... What Rights do they have?
We went looking for answers for and with Omar in Morocco, France, Japan, and the United States. And on the way, Omar saw one of his dreams come true: attending a football match of the Barça team; and hearing the team players - Henry, Eto’o, Messi, etc - read one of his own poems... about their team.
A film and multimedia approach to stir debate and reflections. On the planet today, one family out of four includes an handicapped person...

Author-Director : Patrice Barrat, Rita Lahlou
Photography : Shia Levitt, Francesc Peris, Marine Tadié, Stéphane Mercurio, Mohamed Bentalha, Heath Cozens
Editing : Xavier Mutin
Delegate Producer : Article Z
Broadcasting Pre-purchase : TV5 Monde
Broadcasting Pre-purchase : TSR (Télévision suisse romande)


Distributor : Article Z
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