Nuremberg, des images pour l'Histoire
Jean-Christophe Klotz
2021 - 60 min - Video Full HD - Couleur - France, États-Unis

Summer 1945, the war ends. US authorities task brothers Budd and Stuart Schulberg to track and collect photos and videos of Nazi crimes for the Nuremberg Trial. Begins a risky investigation in devastated Europe to gather the evidence in pictures. The film goes behind the scenes of this mission and questions in depth the process of writing history.

Author-Director : Jean-Christophe Klotz
Photography : Alberto Marquardt, Olivier Raffet
Sound : Marc Soupa
Editing : Laure-Alice Hervé
Original Music : Jean-Christophe Klotz
Delegate Producer : Zadig Productions
Co-producer : Schulberg Productions
Co-producer : KG productions
Broadcasting Co-producer : ARTE France
Contribution : Procirep, Angoa-Agicoa, CNC. Aide au développement


Distributor : Zadig Productions