Memory of Missionaries
Delphine Wilputte
2017 - 56 min - Vidéo DCP & 720p/HDV - Couleur - Belgique, France

In the last century, men of the Church went to the Congo to preach the Good Word. In "Mémoire de Missionnaires", the last witnesses of that time recount their memories. They are marked forever by their experiences, by the contradictions and by the cultural shocks. Their memories often testify to a part of colonial history which is often commented upon and yet unrecognized. They give a lucid and critical look at the Christianization of Africa.

Author-Director : Delphine Wilputte
Photography : Florian Vallée
Sound : Jeanne Debarsy
Editing : Sébastien Calvez
Delegate Producer : Néon rouge
Co-producer : TACT production
Broadcasting Co-producer : RTBF Bruxelles


Distributor : Néon rouge


2017 - Festival du film documentaire de Saint-Louis, Saint Louis (Sénégal) : Sélection