Marcel Cerdan, une légende française
Jean-Christophe Rosé
2008 - 65 min - Vidéo HD - Couleur - France

The great sports champions have in common a destiny that often transcends them and gives them an allegorical import. Marcel Cerdan was one such figure. A decent fellow from North Africa, he became a French champion in the late 30s and managed his career to the best of his abilities throughout the turbulent war years. With the war over, his conquest of the world title made him a symbol of a France rising from the ruins, to which he helped restore its dignity. This is the story of this man and this champion, and his part in the history of an era.

Author-Director : Jean-Christophe Rosé
Photography : Guillaume Martin
Sound : Mathieu Daude
Editing : Fabienne Alvarez-Giro
Delegate Producer : Kuiv productions


Distributor : Kuiv productions


2010 - Scam, Paris (France) : Étoile de la Scam
2009 - FIPA (Festival international de programmes audiovisuels), Biarritz (France) : Situations de la création française