Like Dolls I'll Rise
Nora Philippe
2018 - 28 min - Video Full HD - Couleur - France

Within the dolls made for young American girls, and the representations they convey, lies a long and complicated history of white supremacy and racism. But, between 1850 and 1930, nameless African-American women made black dolls out of cloth for their children, or for the white children they took care of, as acts of pride and resistance.
The extraordinary Neff Collection of 200 Black Dolls, displayed and published for the first time in 2015, tells this unique story, which mingles intimacy and politics, art, childhood, and femininity. “Like Dolls I’ll Rise” is a film about dolls, made with dolls, archives, and the voices of yesterday and today, in the service of women’s history and the history of Black American girls.

Author-Director : Nora Philippe
Photography : Emmanuel Gras
Sound : Claire-Anne Largeron
Editing : Anne Souriau
Delegate Producer : Les Films de l'air


Distributor : Les Films de l'air
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