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Les Années House
Éric Dahan
1999 - 52 min - Beta digital - Couleur - France

Born over ten years ago in Chicago’s and Detroit’s ghettos, house and techno music rapidly made its way to Europe where it gained and unexpected importance. From simple electronically and technological metamorphosis of Dance music, of which some would say it wouldn’t last more than two or three seasons, house music eventually became a phenomenon in world-wide civilisation.
Musically speaking, it forced a specific degree of abstraction in popular music ; culturally speaking, it has produced a speech and manners contrastive with society’s aesthetic codes and ethics, reminding as much the hippies as some avant-garde aesthetic.
This film, formally directed, to the conception of which will be associated graphists with styles emblematic of this specific culture, will try through archived images, to reexplore all electronically dance music history through the lights of its latest developments, which are particularly disco and funky orientated, characteristic of what some would call the French sound.

Author-Director : Éric Dahan
Delegate Producer : C'est la vie productions
Broadcasting Co-producer : Paris Première
Contribution : CNC, Procirep


Distributor : C'est la vie productions
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