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Les Ailes du Marais
Mathieu Le Lay
2008 - 30 min - DV Cam - Couleur - France

The story occurs near a fortified city, called Brouage, sleeping behind its huge stonewalls.
Nevertheless, its marsh hosts a great biodiversity of birds. At down, the life of birds, especially the one of the marsh harrier, makes a living on these wetland areas. From the bird species living in the stone walls of the fortification to the ones living far into the depths of the marsh, we discover the life of these winged inhabitants. They fly, coexist, communicate, sleep, seduce, eat and even fight for survival... Around carrion, a few marsh harriers are struggling, whereas the black kite is making its comeback for spring.
At dusk, an amazing tranquillity emerges from this special place where sun rays are going through the reeds, important flora for the conservation of the marsh harrier.