Sous-Bois des insensés
( Une traversée avec Jean Oury )

Martine Deyres
2015 - 89 min - Couleur - France

From the clinic La Borde he created in 1953, Jean Oury tells a life spent welcome madness. The film-interview takes us closer to the thought of it that Peter Delion described as "the greatest living expert on psychosis." For the simple richness of his words, the sweetness of his voice, by the delicacy of his presence, it transmits evident complexity of a thought always developed as close to daily clinical practice, accessible to everyone because it does is never frozen in theoretical knowledge.
Anger, humour and impertinence alternated throughout these exciting interviews, filmed shortly before his death on 15 May 2014. A valuable testimony of one of the major players in the psychiatry of the twentieth century, the film invites us to share the quality of a meeting which the stakes exceed the clinical field and reminds us of an essential conquest of humanity.


Distributor : Les Films du Tambour de Soie
Distributor : Esperanza Productions
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