Le Mystère Paul
Abraham Ségal
1999 - 105 min - S. 16 mm & 35 mm - Couleur - France, Allemagne, Belgique, Grèce, Italie, Royaume-Uni

"The Mystery of Paul" is an investigation of a man who is as puzzling as he is famous : the Jew Saul of Tarsus, later St Paul, apostle and strategist of a new religion. The ideas set out in his "Epistles", which are Christianity's first writings (even before the Gospels), have had such an influence on Western thought that some see Paul as the founder of Christianity. He is a giant figure, but also ambiguous and controversial – a saint to the Church, a traitor in the eyes of Jews.
Since the Christian West originated in the East, the investigator, Didier Sandre, looks first for clues in the Eastern Mediterranean.
The relationships between faith and law and between politics and religion are at the heart of the film. "The Mystery of Paul" is rooted in today's world and its social crises, political conflicts, religious revivals and extremist movements.
Available in 2 x 52 min. (1 Le Converti - 2 Le Fondateur) entitled "Enquête sur Paul de Tarse".


Distributor : Doc & Film International
Distributor : Bel Âge production
Not commercial Distribution : ADAV
DVD Editing : Éditions Montparnasse
VOD : Universciné
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