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Le Monde selon Monsanto
Marie-Monique Robin
2008 - 109 min - Couleur - France, Allemagne, Canada

The story of the Saint Louis-based corporation, which is today the world’s leading producer of genetically engineered seed, and which stood out in the past by marketing such products as PCBs, Agent Orange and bovine growth hormones. After a three-year investigation in North and South America, Europe and Asia, the film reconstitutes the origins of an industrial empire that, empowered by many mendacious reports, collusion with the North American administration, pressures and attempted corruption, became one of the world’s leading seed producers. It shows how the image of a clean and green company described by advertising propaganda conceals a hegemonic project threatening the foodstuff security of the world as well as the planet’s ecological balance.

Author-Director : Marie-Monique Robin
Photography : Etienne Carton de Grammont, Guillaume Martin
Sound : Arnaud Mansir, Marc Duployer
Editing : Françoise Boulègue
Original Music : Olivier Auriol
Delegate Producer : Image & compagnie
Co-producer : Productions Thalie Inc.
Co-producer : Office National du Film du Canada
Broadcasting Co-producer : ARTE France
Broadcasting Co-producer : WDR (Westdeutscher Rundfunk) (Cologne)


Distributor : Image & compagnie
Not commercial Distribution : ADAV
DVD Editing : Arte vidéo
VOD : Arte VOD


2009 - Scam, Paris (France) : Étoile de la Scam