Life for Company
Olivier Cousin
2016 - 8 min - Video Full HD - Couleur - France

March 2016. Calais is one of the hotspots of refuge of the “European fortress”, a place where the exiles of the world meet, and wait, in search and hope for a normal life. Omar fled Afghanistan ten years ago.
After having spent seven years in England, he was expelled by the European laws to Italy where he obtained asylum. Unable to find work there, he came back to Calais to once again try the route to England. While sharing tea on the wooden planks of a bungalow, he tells the story, with his own words – of his childhood in the Afghan mountains, his family who he hasn't heard from for 10 years, the reasons that pushed him out of the country, life in the camp, and the dreams that keep him alive.

Author-Director : Olivier Cousin
Photography : Olivier Cousin
Sound : Olivier Cousin
Editing : Khadicha Bariha
Delegate Producer : Olivier Cousin


Distributor : Olivier Cousin