The Legend of Akam
Nature Writes Tales that Even the Fairies Themselves Couldn't Have Imagined
Pierre Meynadier, Van Cong Vu
2017 - 87 min - Video Ultra HD - Couleur - France

Arach is a baby caiman. His father, Akam the Valiant is a legend: not only he is the greatest hunter of the Great Kingdom but he is the first caiman who decided to have a family. As Arach tells us how this all happened, we set off on a magical journey throughout mesmerizing Pantanal. A tale of hope, love and family where animals talk and nature unveils its’ finest marvels...

Author-Director : Pierre Meynadier, Van Cong Vu
Photography : Pierre Meynadier, Van Cong Vu
Sound : Van Cong Vu, Jérôme Alexandre
Editing : Pierre Meynadier
Original Music : Bruno Vouillon, Sacha Menu
Delegate Producer : Image images Production


Distributor : Wide Management Enterprise
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