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La Dernière Coulée
Mohamed Siad
2003 - 52 min - DV Cam - Couleur - France

The Sonofoque ironworks at Flers-de-l’Orme was specialised in guttering plates. After a century’s existence, it finally closed down at the end of 2002.
The film, shot during the final months of operations, follows the entire production line from the arrival of the metal through to the varnishing of the finished goods. Yet, its prime focus is on the workers, who are proud of their know-how and stick together in the harsh work conditions.
But residential districts have now grown up around this old industry, which has come to be seen as a source of nuisances. Is employment to be given priority over ecology? Is the factory to be sacrificed for the sake of the environment? These are the issues raised by the factory’s workers and residential neighbours throughout the film.

Author-Director : Mohamed Siad
Delegate Producer : ACCAAN (Atelier cinéma de Normandie)
Broadcasting Pre-purchase : Cityzen télévision
Contribution : CNC, Région Basse-Normandie


Distributor : ACCAAN (Atelier cinéma de Normandie)
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