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We are the Blues
Michel Carrière
1995 - 61 min - Betacam SP - Couleur - France

This film is an exploration of the "spirit of the blues", in the footprints of Julio Finn, Afro-American bluesman and writer.
From the ghetto to the museum, from slavery to the fight for civil rights, from New York to Chicago, from the Delta sound to the world music, the blues blowed almost anywhere in the world.
In Julio Finn's tracks, the sequences of the film give us various fresh points of view on this music and the sources of its might, on the part it took in its original sphere, and on the way it influenced many Afro-American artists. We discover the spirit of the blues by entering the inner world of several different artists.
Thus, like a travel note-book, this narration drives us to a meeting with the Afro-American culture and its most advanced expression : the blues.


Distributor : Les Productions Anamorphose
Not commercial Distribution : Images de la culture (CNC)
Circulation-Consultation : BnF (Bibliothèque nationale de France). Département de l'Audiovisuel
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