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L'Énigme du caïman noir
Luc Riolon
2003 - 52 min - Couleur - France

Inaccessible and virgin from all human presence the Kaw Swamp (French Guyana) is an ecological mystery.
We didn't know anything about its wildlife and flora and its stagnant water for thousand years.
This water poor in oxygen and rich in carbonic gas is full of unknown and extraordinary species of fish supposed to have the ability to breath with the back to capture the oxygen molecules of the atmosphere...
New species, unheard mutations or new links in the chain of evolution are exciting discoveries showed by the study of the swamp.
It is one of the biggest and wettest tablelands of the planet with an acreage of more than 100,000 hectares, with forty kilometres of coast and twenty five kilometres inside the land.
The Kaw swamp is one of the last sanctuaries in the world for the black caiman. The swamp protects one of the most important populations of this over menaced specie. Here, reptiles have never been disturbed by humanity and it's exceptional.
Between amazing and rare images and discoveries about this out of common ecosystem "L'Énigme du caïman noir" is an invitation to this real human and scientific adventure.
The result of several months of work deep down into the swamp in order discover its wildlife.

Author-Director : Luc Riolon
Delegate Producer : IRD audiovisuel (Institut de recherche pour le développement)
Co-producer : Mona Lisa production
Broadcasting Co-producer : France 2


Distributor : IRD audiovisuel (Institut de recherche pour le développement)
Not commercial Distribution : ADAV
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